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ZAFUL: Stylish Apparel E-Shop


ZAFUL is a top e-commerce apparel store that designs and manufactures affordable on-trend fashions for their customers of all ages. Clients can redefine their looks by donning ZAFUL exquisite wardrobe essentials including tops, bottoms, active wear, intimates, and more. Currently, the firm is present in over 200 countries and offers free standard shipping on orders above $49.

 The company has been in operation since 2013, and it is committed to designing high-quality garments that express clients' emotions and unique personality. ZAFUL engages its expertise extensively in fashion and consumer insights research to create the latest trends of cutting edge fashions.

They are also in the forefront in environmental sustainability through the use of eco-friendly resources like the water-based screen printing inks.

Product Range

ZAFUL majors in a variety of all popular categories and styles of men, women and kids outfits and accessories spanning from watches, swimwear, scarves, dresses to trousers and coats, among others for all occasions including work, party and vacation.

Women can explore the vast selection of the trending ladies apparel but not limited to dresses, sweatshirts, bodysuits and shorts. While at it, men can shop for the latest kimono cardigans, jean jackets, hoodies and graphic tops.  Meanwhile, children have access to over eighty styles of special kids' selection perfect for their adventurous self.

Presently, customers can browse and shop for thousands of ZAFUL's magnificent 2019 jewelry collection featuring the designer tote bags, shoes, rings, hats as well as gold earrings, makeup brushes and gloves.

Further, the enterprise offers fun and informative fashion inspirations using Z Look, athleisure, themes, ZAFUL X blogger as well as a lookbook, and Zakini.

Organization and Customer Service

The company has great leaders that treat its employees with the utmost respect, transparency and general friendliness.  There exists an Affiliate program, rewards and offers including ZAFUL’s special discount offer, cash coupons and students’ discounts.

Comprehensive consumer analytics as per Trust pilot indicate that ZAFUL satisfy their customer needs and regarded highly as gleaned from reviews.

It has a decent rating of 7 out of 10. From comments, it is apparent that most clients love ZAFUL and recommend their quality products because of great correspondence, huge variety and incredibly low prices.


Generally, ZAFUL guarantees the sale of the latest apparel that transcends customers’ needs and satisfaction. Its continuous use of technology to improve their products and 24/7 customer service gives them an edge.