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VRBO Vacation Rentals Review

VRBO Vacation Rentals Review

VRBO is a travel search engine which is a registered trademark of HomeAway. It offers information on over 2 million house rentals worldwide with more than 25,000 pet-friendly properties to choose from. It also provides detailed listings on properties such as those with free baby and kid amenities.

Services and Features

VRBO makes searching for a vacation rental simple by letting you enter a destination and travel dates. It also has search filters which lets travellers narrow down results. Travellers can inquire on 3 or more properties which increases their chance of booking. It also has a “Book it Now” option to select a listing.

VRBO ensures that the money spent vacation is covered with its Cancellation and Damage Protection. This covers non-refundable refundable trip costs in case customers need to cancel their trip due to selected reasons. Typically, vacation rental payments become non-refundable 30 to 90 days in advance of the arrival date. With Cancellation Protection, consumers can insure their trip cost of up to $50,000 if they need to cancel and reimburse due to covered events such as flight cancellations, mandatory evacuation, job loss, injury, sickness, and more.

Damage Protection helps travellers be protected against expenses incurred due to accidentally damage a vacation rental property. This can reimburse travellers if their refundable damage deposit is withheld due to a covered loss. Coverage is offered starting from $59 up to $1,500 with no deductible.

Vacation Rentals at VRBO

VRBO has a wide variety of vacation rentals and accommodations including kid-friendly and pet-friendly properties. It also offers Cancellation and Damage Protection for non-refundable trip costs for covered reasons. VRBO also promotes travel confidence by giving added protection through Security Deposit, Emergency Rebooking, and Comprehensive Payment Protection.