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Sportsman’s Guide: Meeting Your Outdoor and Camping Needs

Sportsman’s Guide: Meeting Your Outdoor and Camping Needs

Sportsman's Guide is a renowned retailer that specializes in a range of equipment such as hunting and outdoor sports equipment. This company has its headquarters in South St. Paul, Minnesota, USA and was founded by Gary Olen in 1970. The current CEO is Mr. Gregory R. Binkley.

Sportsman’s Guide had humble beginnings in 1970 in a basement during winter. At the time, Olsen sold a patch for hunting jackets that showcased the previous year’s successes.  Naturally, this caught momentum with hunters across the USA. Initially, the original catalogue was a single page which was just in time for the hunting season of 1977. The company profile has since steadily grown to what it is today. Notable, the company catalogue is now online with the internet having transformed marketing immensely.


Product Range

At the moment, the product range is an impressive array of accessories essential for stellar recreational activities. They online catalogue consists of the following retail products: hunting and outdoor gear, ammunition, survival gear, fishing gear, military grade gear and camping supplies among others. In ammo supplies, retail sales include shooting supplies and accessories.

Moreover, there are other equipment like scopes, binoculars and rangefinders, night vision, and more.  Other significant shooting supplies are tree stands, cameras, blinds and rangefinders. Camouflage gear, knives are dog gear add to the collection. The entire list is extensive and you can be best served visiting Sportsman Guide Website.

Company Progression

In 2006, Redcats USA, a subsidiary group for Redcats Group bought Sportsman’s Guide at approximately $265 million. This acquisition is definitely indicator of the commercial valuation of the company which has grown ever since.

Later on, a different company known as Northern Tool + Equipment acquired Sportsman in 2012. The company headquarters still significantly control operations. The online catalog is definitely an efficient way to market and it has since made customer service easier.  There is a buyer’s club, which has been active since the year 1995. Accordingly, members in exchange for an annual fee are able to get certain discounts and benefits. The buyer’s club is a win-win for both sides of the retail chain. Notably, the company also features iPhone, iPad and Android apps, as well as a mobile e-commerce site. This is greatly beneficial for marketing activities. Needless to say, the website is sleek and has an optimized display for a smartphone. There is a Canada exclusive website as well as a worldwide website.


In summary, Sportsman’s Guide has a firm foothold in the hunting gear supplies industry for a valid reason. This is an organisation testament to the reward of consistent hard work and commitment to quality.