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Splendid Spoons: Delicious Plant-Based Meals

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Splendid Spoon is an American health and wellness firm that specializes in meal-kit delivery of nutritious and ready-to-eat plant-based smoothies, soups and grain bowls. Its ‘Busy can Be Healthy' slogan has enabled several Americans to ditch their grab-and-go- lifestyle via the tasty and equally fulfilling food plans it provides.

Founded in 2011 by Nicole Centeno, the business maximizes the reconnection power of food to help people to get in touch with their healthiest bodies. The company specializes in real delicious and savory foods which have pre-portioned calories, whole ingredients, and are free from GMO and gluten. These meals are chilled or heated in the case of slow-down foods hence requiring zero effort and prep time.

Product Range

The enterprise focuses in more than forty nourishing and satisfying quick and easy meal plans that make breakfast and lunch a must during a busy work week.

As such, the firm offers affordable breakfast, lunch, one full day and mixed-match personal smoothies, soups and vegan grains diet programs. Furthermore, the firm deals in perfectly designed gift cards which ranges from $ 65 to $ 135 for the customers’ loved ones.

One has the option of switching these plans weekly as per their dietary needs and preferences. Clients can get nutrition-dense blueberry, strawberry Goji, green match and orange hibiscus, smoothies to kick start their metabolism.

On top of this, Splendid Spoons offers delicious vegan soups and grain bowls including lemon wild rice and broccoli bowl and Tuscan white beans and tomato bowl. Pumpkin pear bisque, butternut turmeric soup and the fennel consommé are part of Reset light soups that aid in resetting one’s digestive system in a day. 

Organization and Customer Service

The firm has an excellent organization and visionary staffs who greatly value the corporate’s core values of transparency, collaboration and doing better each day.  Splendid Spoons offer shoppers with the Ambassador Program which rewards them for any referrals they make on their company or personal websites, social media and events.

The benefits include significant commissions, exclusive event invites and product premiers’ sneak previews. From their exceptional technical support, high-quality products and the tasty meals, they have good reviews-of 4.5/5, from their customers.


Splendid spoons have proven to be the best option for the fad diets for the achievement of personal health goals. Also, the massive consumption of its products is a clear indicator of satisfying the exact wants of its clientele.