Some of my honorable mentions

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I find some sites that are worth mentioning for you guys, but still didn't find the time to write an article about them.
So here is a few honorable mentions, with time I hope ill get to do a full review article about them.

You should definitely check them out, they have great offers and I promise I will do a proper full review soon.

With that being said , happy shopping!


Shiseido.com is one of the best known Japanese skincare companies in the world, it has a long  history being first opened in 1872 as the first western style pharmacy in Tokyo.

One thing is clear, a company that is still around after  more than 100 years is certainly doing  things right and must have products that passed the test of time, but what products does Shiseido have?


Based in Florida, sleefs.com designs and produces custom compresion gear, everything from arm and leg sleeves to headbands, bandanas, t-shirts and jerseys.

You are sure to find your perfect design and size, Sleefs proudly carries over 200 different designs and sizes for everyone from kids to adults, not only do they have great variety but they also have great prices, most of their products are on sale every few weeks and you can expect prices in the range of $5-$40.

 Now that is what I call a deal, great quality paired with variety at a phenomenal price!

Heartburnnomore.com was created by Jeff Martin, a medical researcher, certified nutritionist and health consultant for 20 years. Now that you can rest assured you are left in good hands we can focus on the overview of the program.

Hearburn no more is a comprehensive program that covers almost everything about acid reflux and hearburn, besides the valuable information the program also provides you with a list of dietary and supplementation guidelines, a quick relief regime and a 5-step program.


SaleHoo is a New Zealand company that was founded in 2005. It is an online selling tool that you can use to search for and compare suppliers and products. A lot of the suppliers are located in the United  States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and China.

Every supplier that is listed in SaleHoo’s directory undergoes a strict verification process, which eliminates  fraudulent activity and Chinese counterfeiters.

Salehoo services come with the humble cost of $67 a year, which is a great deal for their strict rules of security and making sure the standard of quality is the highest possible!

MSC Cruise USA

Msccruisesusa.com offers 2,000 shore excursions across its fleet that you can book on board or in advance through the MSC website. The cruise fare covers shop activities and has 24-hour room service, MSC Cruise entertainment includes evening concerts, live shows, parties and contests.

MSC Cruise Includes a lot of benefits with a varied selection in entertainment and it’s accomdation generosity, but another big benefit is the fact that childern ages 11 and younger sail for free! Yeah you heard right, for free.