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Sharkclean And Dyson, Two Giants In The Vacuum Cleaning Industry

Sharkclean And Dyson, Two Giants In The Vacuum Cleaning Industry

Shark and Dyson, two brands that manufacture vacuum cleaners, are popular due to their diverse products available in the market. Both companies produce vacuum cleaners that offer optimal performance free from losing suction and clogging. More so, they can be used to clean both carpeted and non-carpeted floors.

Both brands have a lot in common, especially in the technology they use in the production of their commodities such as employing bag-less containers to collect dirt and dust. Additional similar features in the vacuum designs include a switch for setting the brush to move for carpeted floors of setting it to remain stationary for non-carpeted floors.

The major difference between the two is reflected in their pricing. The Dyson vacuum cleaners cost more than the Shark variants and are heavier. Other than having a lighter weight, Shark vacuum cleaners also have a relatively short power cable.

The warranty packages also differ a lot, with Dyson offering up to 5-year warranties on their main models while Shark’s main models have better warranties that go for seven years after purchase. For their cordless models, Dyson offer a 2-year warranty while Shark offer a 5-year warranty on their lightweight Rocket models. Clearly, Shark proves to have the best warranty packages in the market but it should still be noted that Dyson’s warranty duration is much longer than with most of the other brands in the vacuum cleaning industry.


Shark has four main categories of vacuum cleaners which include:

Shark vacuum cleaners are lighter than Dyson’s, making them more suited to clean bigger homes or storey houses since it is less tedious to take the cleaner upstairs.

Other Shark vacuum cleaner variants include the Shark Rotator Lift-Away Canister, a canister vacuum, and the Pet Perfect II, a cordless handheld vacuum. The recently introduced Shark ION range marked a milestone for Shark as they were able to extend their cordless stick range, which was a significant improvement on the Navigator Freestyle, their older version of a cordless stick.