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Gone are the days when on-demand orders used to take long before they arrived. Today, with, your order is just a call away. PostMates is dedicated to ensuring that you get anything, anytime, anywhere! In this article, you will discover why you need to use next time you want to use on-demand delivery services.

How PostMates works

PostMates is an on-demand goods delivery service that connects its customers with local messengers. The couriers deliver anything from stores, restaurants, shops, or grocer at your doorstep for a small fee. With a presence in more than 100 regions, PostMates is all that you need to get that favorite dish delivered to you within the shortest time. Here is a step-by-step illustration of how PostMates works

  1. Login and browse. There are hundreds of merchants listed on this platform. All you need is to log in and browse anything you want. On this, you can either use PostMates‘ web or mobile apps. 
  2. Pay. After picking your item, make the payment. This will include the price of the product and the delivery fee. 
  3. Match. Once the payment is received, PostMates shops for the order and ensures the product is delivered within an hour. 
  4. Track. With the PostMates app, you can track your order through real-time notification. You'll get notified once the purchase is made as well as the location in real-time. 

What Makes PostMates standout Among others?

  • PostMates has a vast network of merchant partners. This ensures customers get the relevant products as well as a variety to choose from.
  • Fast delivery. PostMates deliver orders within one hour.
  • Customers can use PostMates Gift Cards to buy anything and get their purchase delivered instantly. 
  • Wide area coverages. The company has a presence in more than 100 metropolitan areas in the USA. 
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • PostMates app makes order tracking easy, leading to improved customer experience.

In short, is the way to go for all on-demand goods delivery services. Log in today and get to enjoy excellent services at affordable prices. Not to mention their only gift that delivers!