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My Top 3 Online Retail Stores

My Top 3 Online Retail Stores

You know how satisfied and content you are after a whole day at the mall? Me neither.
Enter: the best version of the retail experience — e-commerce.
While it may have sounded like a dirty word in the past, online shopping is a secret weapon for style and finesse.

Think for a moment: there’s a thriving marketplace at the palm of your hand, accessible from your trusty smartphone, and it is always open for business.

For many people, the “regular” shopping experience is spoiled by pushy salesmen or saleswomen, lengthy lines, aching feet, a clock that keeps ticking and a partner who either makes you try things on that you will never buy or one that has exactly ZERO patience in waiting for you to “just pick something”.

The online marketplace eliminates these obstacles, giving the consumer the opportunity to shop in the relaxing position and comfort of his or her deck chair, bed, or yoga mat.

This trend hasn’t gone unnoticed; consumers around the world are expected to pump an additional $300 billion into the digital market within the next half-decade.
Some recent surveys have even discovered that over 51% of targeted groups are doing more shopping from their couch, instead of braving the crowded bustle of their local mall.

While many retail stores have adapted, offering luxurious, hassle-free online shopping experiences, many have not. For me, the signs of the future are obvious.
I've made a list of my personal TOP 3 online retail stores for your shopping enjoyment, because I do really know that it's sometimes impossible to make it to the shops after a hard weekend.

Also, now you can finally ask your parents to shop for your underwear, right?

As a retail store, Bloomingdale's is already more than 150 years old, though never shy for innovation!

The online store is a borderline sensuous e-commerce experience which takes conventional web design and tosses it out the window. Detailed images help sell their awesome range of products which includes fashion clothing for women, men and children, home design items and so much more!

Suffice to say, all of the markets’s leading names are here, shot in ever-changing and compelling editorial imagery.

Click here to visit the Bloomingdale's store

Great place to order gifts from! I received a sweater that arrived gift wrapped for my birthday and already has the return tag on it if I need to exchange the size.
IngaInga M.
“Love Shopping” 
This is a spectacular department store. A must see when in New York especially if you love shopping. Make sure you set aside a lot of time to get around.
Angel W.
“Good prices”
They offer good deals for some items with very affordable prices. I compared them on different sites, this one seems to be the best. I haven't received the goods yet, however I had no difficulty placing the order.
Sue S.

Macy's is a big player in the online retail market.

It is the crème de la crème when it comes to men and women’s fashion. They stock all the top designer brands and make no mistake, if you see it on the catwalk, you’ll see it here. Drop it while it’s hot, and buy it while it’s… in stock.

Macy's continues to bring us the best men and women’s fashion brands.

Click here to visit the Macy's store

“Love ordering online”
Almost every order I've purchased online has been excellent and if not it's very easy to return/exchange in-store rather than pay for shipping. Any time there has been a problem with an order Macy's has made it right. A little expensive sometimes but always GREAT sales so if you wait you can usually get a really good deal!
Donna S.
“Very helpful with my orders”
I ordered several dresses and while I had issues with one, they promptly took care of the issue, and I was able to return it without any issues.
Stephanie A.
“Good prices”
Love it very much! Macy's is the top choice for all things about buying cheap fashion things! Good value with lower price!
Sue S.
One of my favorite stores! They stand behind their merchandise! Prices are excellent too. Delivery is very fast. I never had a problem with this store.
Maria M.

Blair is an online store incorporating menswear, womenswear, outdoor clothing and home design products with quality content. It cannot be beat for basics. Everyone needs an online store like this in their life—from holiday wear to smart casual, this online retailer has you covered.

Centered around the timeless quality of simple design, Blair has truly made a name for itself.

Click here to visit the Blair's store

“Blair is great.”
I have ordered from Blair a few times and my items arrived on time or early. Everything I have bought I was very happy with from dresses to sink floor mats to Mr. Lid Storage containers. I will be a lifer at Blair.
Deborah C.
Wonderful Company!!”
This is my first experience with ordering from this company and it was great!! I chose the free shipping option so it did take 1-2 weeks for my items to arrive, but for free I couldn't expect more. The items were as promised and fit great. I have now ordered twice from this company and gotten both orders while still waiting on one from another company (Rose Gal) for about a month now. Highly recommend Blair to others!
Regina C.
“I have found a variety of items on this website, including.....”
clothing, shoes,pet supplies, and household items. Their clearance section is such a great deal. You can find items up to 85% off. The quality is very good o/a, and I am pleased with the Customer Service at Blair. I have been a customer for three years, and I have yet to pay full price on any item!
Jacqueline B.
“I ordered some thermal tie up shades from Blair last...”
year. I had a great experience with this site. They have great sales and do offer promotional codes. No issues at all-would recommend.
Joanne N.