What is Exactly Influencer Marketing?

"Market influencers help brands engage with clients. They reach customers and influence their purchasing decisions. It helps attain the much-desired customer loyalty. Influencers play different roles such as being buyers, industry analysts, academics or even professional advisers. Influencer marketing centers on prominent individuals giving opinions that may either attract or detract parties in a social environment."
Cristina Andersen
Influencer Marketer

How Does it Work?

It can either be paid or earned depending on the traffic or sales generated by the influencer’s content or even both. It’s relatively cheaper than other types of marketing like on television. Influencers are found on many social media platforms.

The following is how influencer marketing is applicable:

  • Establish market credibility
  • Create social conversations and drive in-store sales of products
  • Reach a wider market

Finding and Identifying the Right Influencers for You

With market influencers, you can either market your brand to them or through them. You can also market with the influencers. There are several ways to identify influencers. You can identify them by choosing any of the following traits:

  • Activists
  • Connected
  • Charismatics
  • Authoritative
  • Active Minds
  • Trendsetters
  • Educators
  • Coaches
  • Entertainers

Select the best influencers by checking their market reach, independence, impact, frequency, expertise, persuasiveness, and thoroughness.

Giving Accurate Information

Influencer marketing that offers misleading information to customers can have a severe ethical implication on the brand. In the long run, honest influencers generate the most click-through. If an influencer becomes controversial, brands tend to withdraw their allegiance to him or her to protect their brand image. Brands need to be skeptical when hiring influencer marketers as some can be fake. This can have a disastrous effect on the brand public image.


Marketers should selectively target influencers on account of their profiles and influence. It can be achieved by having an influencer identification program and a criterion for ranking them on their impact on the decision-making process.