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How to Make Money with Fiverr​

How to Make Money with Fiverr

Fiverr is undoubtedly one of the best options for making money on the internet. The Israel based freelance marketplace gives opportunities to millions across the world and you could certainly be among them. Notably, the main activity is the exchange of a range of digital services online. Each service is called a ‘gig’ and the price varies with each gig and degree of complexity.


It goes without saying that the first thing you have to do is go through the registration process. This means that you have a verified profile with a means of earning payment such as Payoneer.  Having a strong profile is definitely a pre-requisite to getting decent gigs.

The services you can exchange on Fiverr include:

  • Logo design
  • Transcription- Converting audio and video into text.
  • Video creation
  • Backlinks
  • Translation

These are just a sample of the select services. Generally, the more complex the service, say graphic design, the better your earning potential. The following are ways to maximize earnings and attract clients.


Create Your Own Gig

Create your own gig to show some of the services you offer. Use ideas from some of the gig tutorials available to create an animated video or a simple whiteboard. A personal gig will give you visibility and attract potential clients.  You could even create multiple gigs to boost your chances. After all, marketing also entails how often you can make an impression. These multiple gigs could be for the respective services you offer which can allow you to go into greater detail.

Be Unique

Since you are competing with millions online, and probably thousands in your field of expertise, you have to stand out. This means that you have to add your own unique selling points to your gig. Part of this is giving clients an assurance that they will get exactly what they pay for.

Use Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a great tool in modern internet operation and marketing. This means that you can have alternative platforms on the internet which you link to your gig. For instance, you can appear in a guest post or a blog advertising such services and hyperlink it to your gig. Therefore, a potential client searching for the specific services online will probably come across your gig.

Other tips include; using social sites like LinkedIn and Twitter to market you Fiverr and simply delivering superior quality to ensure reviews are excellent. Undoubtedly, excellent reviews are by themselves perfect for sales.

To Cap this,

Fiverr is a great earning option to make the most of your digital skills. Additionally, an advantage of this is that you can enjoy the convenience of your home PC. Start using Fiverr today and maximize your earnings!