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Gillette UK: Innovation and Adaptation

Gillette UK: Innovation and Adaptation

Gillette UK's history dates back to King C. Gillette's duo patenting of his razor and blades inventions in 1904. The American safety razor and personal care brand merged with Procter & Gamble in 2005. Gillette products in the UK sell under Procter & Gamble Beauty and Household Care division. 

Product Range

In the spirit of King C. Gillette, the founder of the Gillette brand, P&G has continued to revolutionize the male grooming experience as its predecessor did a century ago. 

They have recently launched the King C. Gillette grooming range for facial hair care. This collection of products and tools is perfect for the man that wants an at-home top of the range grooming experience. 

Its package has the iconic Gillette double edge razor and beard care items such as the shave gel, beard oil, and beard balm. Gillette not only has a wealthy background in the shaving experience but also is one of the most innovative personal care products businesses in the world. 

Its wide range of hair, razor, and skincare technologies include the 3-blade MACH3 razors, 5-blade Fusion5, cordless beard trimmer, and various other disposable razor designs. 

The brand also has accessories, tools, and care products that include a wide spectrum of creams, foams, gels, and aftershave products.

Management and Employees

P&G UK & Ireland, the home of Gillette UK spans the width and breadth of these two countries. The brand is a favorite graduate employer in the region and has been listed in Top 100 Graduate Employers by the Times. 

Their dynamic and creative work environment keeps the employee as the focus of their activities and takes their work-life balance seriously. 

Their agile and flexible work environment makes P&G a part of the list of the 15 “World's Most Admired Companies”. 


Gillette UK has been lauded for its use of sport in promoting healthy versions of positive masculinity. Its “Made of What Matters” campaign featuring its newest global brand ambassador Raheem Sterling explores the brand's ability to inspire the next generation of UK young men.

Awards and Recognition 

The Skin Health Alliance and the British Skin Foundation endorse a wide range of Gillette products.


Gillette’s ability to adapt and its innovative nature make it an impressive performer with a steady future. Gillette UK has all the ingredients of success in its grasp.