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Cristy Reviews The Amazing Dressbarn

As a brand, Dressbarn strives to provide a one-stop-shop for women to buy designer clothing at a discount. The retailer caters to working mothers and women in the workplace by offering “fashion at a value.” You can find stylish clothing in a variety of sizes, from size 2 to size 24. Whether you’re looking for casual clothing or something more sophisticated to wear to the office, Dressbarn has you covered. You can find pants, sweaters, tops, dresses, denim, outerwear, shoes, and accessories.

Here are some of the reviews from their customers:

I like shopping in Dressbarn. The prices are reasonable and they have a good collection. Each time I step in, I am greeted with a smile and the customer service is great. They have styles for various age groups and shapes and sizes. I love how some of the tops and dresses are very trendy and garnered a lot of compliments for me! This location is spacious and very well organized. The dresses are super cute ranging from casual, work to party wear. The dressing rooms look very neat, elegant and stylish with white leather finishes. There is always someone to help you out by taking your clothes to the dressing room and constantly checking to make sure you are okay or if you need a different size or color.

Jane Doe

All around great shopping experience. The staff was personable, friendly, helpful and pleasant. I had never been to a Dressbarn before and I arrived frazzled as it is hard to sometimes navigate around Pacific Commons even with a GPS. I was able to a score a wonderful top that I've since then been wearing excessively. There were two lovely women there that assisted me and I am sorry I cannot remember their names but because of their professionalism, I will definitely return (though after browsing their web store on, I have my wardrobe ready for the upcoming seasons).

Jane Doe

I've been shopping at Dressbarn since long time. I have never had trouble with returns for online shopping. The employees at this store are wonderful and very helpful. Customer service is exactly as any shopper would have it - helpful and welcoming. Thanks for the wonderful shopping experience. If I had to name a product of Dressbarn I am specifically satisfied with, it would be there great selection of dresses.

Jane Doe