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Beauty Counter: Safest Natural Beauty Products


Beauty Counter is a US-based firm that specializes in the manufacture and sale of the safest and quality natural beauty and skincare products at competitive prices. 

The company focuses on retailing its merchandise as ‘Clean’ as well as educating people on the need for safer cosmetics through the beauty movement. They market their supplies via multilevel marketing platform involving consultants,, and at their stores at Denver, Nantucket, and New York City.

The enterprise was founded in 2013 with the primary mission of making the world healthier by getting safer supplies to the hands of everyone. For this reason, Beauty Counter's formulations undergo a rigorous 5-step ingredient selection process for the assessment of any harmful or questionable ingredients which the industry prohibits its use.

It is also devoted to radical transparency to its consumers hence the popular Never List™ in its website; this list indicates the chemicals which are not present in its items.

Product Range

The firm deals in an array of high performing beauty and skincare product categories which are just customized for your skin and body needs. 

Shoppers can keep their skin rejuvenated, hydrated, and nourished by purchasing the results-driven skincare supplies such as moisturizers, mineral sunscreen, toners, cleansers, serums, facial oils, and eye creams.

Moreover, the company's extensive collection of game-changing makeup commodities includes eyeliners, makeup brushes, foundation, mascara, concealers, powders, and lipsticks which gives you that confident and glowing look.

From shampoos, hand soap to body lotion Beauty Counter merchandises safer bath and body goods for your whole family. Men can also purchase their specific Counterman skincare and grooming merchandise like the charcoal body bar, clarifying toner, Counterman conditioning beard, and much more.

 Management and Employees

Beauty Counter has terrific management and diligent team who believes in making the world a healthier and safer place; hence, the slogan' beauty should just be good'.

It is also the forefront in building a great business from the education standpoint through the beauty movement, which advocates for safer beauty products.

Flexible working hours, health insurance, paid time off, work-life, capacity building, one hour paid lunch on Thursdays are some of the fantastic employee benefits.


Beauty Counter is the one-stop-shop for the natural and safest beauty and skincare products. Its active engagement in advocacy for safer products through its movement is a clear indication that its business can still thrive from an education perspective.