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About Avon

Avon is very popular to women. The company is proud about the journey to being beautiful that could result in women empowerment. The founder of the company is David H. McConnel. Can you believe that a company for women have a male founder? For the founder, initially, he did not want to make a beauty company. He is a traveling salesperson that offers books, and it is his idea to provide fragrance samples to his customers to entice them about the product that he is selling which are books. After dealing with a lot of women customers, it inspires him to get them as sales representatives and no business begun. Avon is born and now empowering more and more women to look good, feel good, and be profitable.  The company has been in the business for over 130 years now.

What is Avon proud about?

Avon has a lot of products not just for women but also for men, kids, and everyone. Avon is continuously developing and innovating their beauty products, apparels, and many more to offer exceptional, useful, and high quality items that could be useful in one’s day to day life.

Avon has a great selection of lipstick, make-up, perfume, bra, lotion, and many other beauty products that can make women look good and glamorous. Aside from that, the company also have a good perfume collection and some apparel for men. Avon’s venture to this business also let them to developing colognes, baby powder, and other products for kids. They also now have some fancy jewelry that both men and women could take advantage of.

Avon is also great when it comes to their company’s social responsibility. They have a lot of initiatives that could help society like cancer crusade. Avon is not only built for commerce, but it is also built to create and make a change.