About Me

My name is Christina Andersen.

I consider myself a rising star, on the way to be a major player in the market influencers scene of the modern business world. My Instagram and Facebook account already have massive followings.

I am a proud owner of the Christina Andersen marketing website and regularly host digital marketing events that help people find suitable influential marketers that could achieve their dreams effectively. I assist brands to connect with potential customers and also educate my followers on the best products and services. My good reputation and influence on clients have registered an upsurge in the number of followers on my social media accounts since I’ve started.


Before I started my website and my social networks, I used to market different brands online by writing influential marketing blogs. Most of my articles received a lot of publicity, which paved the way to several brands and businesses hiring my services to educate them on issues regarding marketing.

This experience was my turning point and made me devote my career entirely to dealing with influence marketing. In order to cope with the huge demand for my services, I have since recruited a team of gifted and knowledgeable marketers that I have personally groomed.

What are you waiting for? Me and my team will be more than glad to help you achieve all your marketing goals and objectives. Contact us today and get started! Time waits for no man!